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Chicken Dishes
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Chicken Halim (Medium Hot)
Cooked with chana-dal (lentils) fenugreek leaves, dry roasted chillies, garlic and coriander


Chicken Muntazan
Tangy flavoured sauce with citrus fruit - traditional dish


Chicken Shorisha
Mustard seeds, shallot, nutmeg, crushed aromatic spices and citrus fruit in a medium sauce


Chicken Palak
Spinach with roasted garlic, lime leaves and tender pieces of chicken/lamb


Chicken Kodu
Pumpkin cooked in medium sauce with cardamom, cinnamon and chef’s specially selected fresh herbs and spices


Chicken Aloo lalia
Succulent tender pieces of chicken or lamb pieces cooked with potatoes, birds eye chillies and tomatoes


Chicken Podina.
Lightly spiced lamb pieces with crushed fenugreek leaves, fairly hot


Chicken Achari
Aromatic spices, mustard seeds, dry chillies and tamarind sauce


Chicken Jalali (Medium Hot)
Spectacular tender pieces of lamb cooked on exotic spices and fresh herbs


Chicken Belfoi
Fairly thick sauce with green olives, onions and tomatoes




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