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Vegetable Dishes
Items Price
Vegetable Dansak (Hot)
Hot sweet and sour sauce with lentils and fenugreek


Vegetable Madras (Hot)
Fairly hot, cooked with lime juice


Vegetable Bhuna (medium hot)
Fairly thick sauce with tomatoes, onions and fresh coriander


Vegetable Dupiaza
Medium sauce with onions and peppers


Vegetable Pathia (Hot)
Fairly hot with sweet and sour sauce


Vegetable Jalali (Hot)
Cooked with exotic spices and fresh herbs


Vegetable Jalfrezi (Hot)
Cooked with freshly roasted spices, onions and peppers


Vegetable Halim (Hot)
Mixed vegetables, cooked in lentils, lime juice and dry chillies


Vegetable Mita
Various vegetables cooked with mild spices, slightly sweet with chana dall